FREE Smoke Detector Program
Smoke detectors are available for all Village and Town Residents for free through the Somers Fire & Rescue Department



Schedule a time for a member of the Fire Department to stop by your house. They will
  1. Check existing smoke alarms in your home.
  2. Install a new smoke alarm (if needed)
  3. Provide home fire safety information


  • Adam Pisula via email or call 262-620-3285
  • Capt. Joe Scruggs via email or call 262-620-3285

And provide the information below:

  • Your name
  • Address
  • Phone number
  • Number of people living in your home
  • Number of  bedrooms
  • Do you currently have smoke detectors?
  • Are your detectors over ten years old?
  • Are they hard wired or battery operated?