Property Tax Bills & Payments

Tax Bills

Property tax bills are mailed around December 15th of each year.  The Somers tax rate is determined after the approval of the Town and Village budget, usually at the end of November.  The tax bill will include taxes levied from the following taxing authorities:

  • County of Kenosha
  • Gateway Technical College
  • Kenosha Unified School District
  • Library
  • State of Wisconsin
  • Town of Somers

Paying your Tax Bill

  • Somers collects taxes by mail through January 31st (postmarked) of each year.
  • Somers collects taxes via debit or credit card through January 31st.  The second installment must be paid to the Treasurer, County of Kenosha.
  • Somers collects taxes in person at the Somers Town Hall until January 31st during regular business hours.
  • Somers accepts personal checks, money orders, cashier checks, traveler checks, or cash as payment.
  • Somers collects taxes in a secured drop-box located at the front entrance of the Somers Town Hall and Somers Fire Station #2.

Paying in Full or in an Installment

  • Taxes can be paid to Somers in full by January 31st (postmarked) of each year.
  • The first installment of taxes can be paid to Somers by January 31st (postmarked) of each year.
  • The second installment of taxes must be paid by July 31 (postmarked) to the Treasurer, County of Kenosha.
  • A minimum of the first installment is due by January 31st (postmarked).  You will forgo the installment option if you do not make at least the first installment by that date and 100% of the tax bill will be due to the County of Kenosha plus penalty.