What is a Pretrial Conference?

The Pretrial Conference is a private meeting with the prosecuting attorney.  At this meeting, you will have the opportunity to fully discuss your case and come to a mutually acceptable agreement concerning disposition of your citation.  If an agreement is reached, it will be presented, in writing, to the Judge.  If the Judge approves the agreement, you will be given a copy and must follow the stated terms.  If you do not reach an agreement at the Pretrial Conference, you case will be scheduled for a Trial.

When are Pretrial Conferences held?

Pretrial Conferences are held on regular Court days.  The Municipal Court Clerk will provide you with your date.  The prosecuting attorney will call your name when he is ready to meet with you.

Am I able to see the Somers prosecuting attorney before my court date?

No. The prosecuting attorney is only available in the courtroom on your scheduled Pretrial Conference date.