Kenosha County Annual Dog Tag Application

Animal Control

The Village of Somers entered in an agreement with the Sheriff’s Department for Animal Control services in August of 2023.

The service covers loose domesticated animals, stray farm animals and animal attack.

To contact animal control, residents should call dispatch at 262-656-1234 or 262-653-6600

Wildlife issues?

The service does not include wildlife issues. In that caes, residents should contact an animal rescue, trapper or private contractor.


Loose domesticated animals will be transported to the Wisconsin Humane Society – Kenosha Campus at 7811 60th Avenue in Kenosha. Any fees associated with the transport and care of animals found in Somers will be charged to owners. WE ENCOURAGE ALL OWNERS TO GET A CURRENT IDENTIFICATION TAG AND/OR CHIP SO EVERY EFFORT CAN BE MADE TO RETURN YOUR PET.

Abuse and Neglect complaints

Don’t be silent. If you see abuse and neglect, we rely on you to step forward and report these crimes. Abuse may be related to shelter, food, water, disease, illness, injury, space, sanitation, air and light, confinement, collars, or grooming.

What do you do if you suspect?   

  • Contact the Kenosha County Sheriff’s Department. Provide the address where the animal is kept, a description of your concerns and the condition of the animal. The Sheriff’s Department takes abuse or neglect calls seriously and will dispatch an officer to investigate.
  • Contact the Village/Town of Somers at 262-859-2822 and ask to speak to Jason Peters (Administrator) or Brandi Baker (Clerk/Treasurer) to report your concerns. Yes, you can remain anonymous. Action will be taken.

Cost of animal control to the taxpayer

The Village/Town of Somers is dedicated to safe pet ownership for residents.  When a call is received about a stray dog in Somers, the Wisconsin Statutes require a certified humane officer pick up the animal who will then transport the animal to receive shelter and care. The cost related to this activity is part of the Village/Town of Somers annual budget.

Dead animal on road or shoulder

If the animal is located on or near a Kenosha County Road or Highway, contact the Kenosha County Department of Public Works, Highway Division at 262-857-1870 during regular business hours.

If the animal is located on or near a Village or Town of Somers Road or Street, contact the Somers Department of Public Works at 262-859-2822 during regular business hours.