Guilty Pleas

If you enter a plea of guilty, it is an admission of the charges against you.

No Contest Pleas

A plea of no contest is neither an admission nor a denial of the charges against you, but will result in a conviction being entered against you. It is not an admission of guilt so it cannot be used to establish liability in other civil litigation where personal injury or property damage was involved.

Guilty and No Contest Pleas

Where pleas of guilty and no contest are made, a forfeiture will typically be imposed, with time allowed for payment.  A failure to timely pay your forfeiture, to enter into a payment plan, or request an extension of time to pay will result in an alternative sanction which can include a  one (1) year suspension of your driver’s license, a money judgment, or other sanctions.  You will be given the opportunity to state any mitigating circumstances or factors the court should be aware of which may result in the amendment of the citation you received. surrounding the charge.

Not Guilty Pleas

If you enter the plea of not guilty, it means that you feel that you did not commit the violation alleged against you, or that the Village/Town of Somers cannot prove that you committed the violation.  If you are in doubt as to which plea to enter, you may plead not guilty or ask for an adjournment so that you can review your case and make an informed plea at the next court date.  If you plead not guilty, the Village/Town of Somers must prove your guilt by clear satisfactory and convincing evidence of each and every element of the offense for which you were cited.  If you are found guilty, you may also be responsible for certain witness and other fees.

Not Guilty Pleas in Writing

You may enter a plea of not guilty in writing, addressed to the Court Clerk, prior to your court date, by mail or fax.  Your request must include:

  1. your name
  2. current address
  3. telephone number
  4. date you were scheduled to appear
  5. the charge
  6. citation number

The Court will mail you a Pretrial Conference Notice after it receives your not guilty plea.  You must appear for the Pretrial Conference.

Not Guilty Pleas in Court

You may also enter a plea of not guilty at your initial court appearance.  You will be given a Pretrial Conference Notice.  You must appear for the Pretrial Conference or a default judgment of conviction will be entered and a forfeiture will be imposed against you for the bond amount should you fail to timely pay your forfeiture.