Ride the old North Shore Railroad line!

The former historical North Shore Railroad has been developed into the Kenosha County Multi-Use Trail.  This trail is very popular year round, and for the convenience of users, the paved countryside trail continues north and south of Somers into marked trails throughout the Cities of Racine and Kenosha.

What makes the trails special? They offer miles and miles of easy, fairly flat, paved off-road FREE path for bikers, walkers, and joggers.

Map of Kenosha County Trails

Courtesy of Kenosha County, plan your ride by viewing a map and brochure of trans-county bike trails here.

Racine-Kenosha County Line – Highway KR

County Highway “KR” – Racine Kenosha County Line Road.  Trail head is located on “KR” just east of 13th Avenue.
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The north trailhead begins in the neighborhood formerly known as Berryville.  In the early 1900’s Berryville was a community of about 300 people who lived on surrounding family farms.  Some people remember the Berryville Grade School located on the corner of Highway A and Highway 32.  The area was named because the sandy soil and location to Lake Michigan made it ideal for raising strawberries.  Strawberries would be loaded from neighboring farmers onto the trains that would take the berries to the Chicago and Milwaukee markets.  During a two week period in June, you can still purchase fresh strawberries at Berryville Farms located just before the 13th Avenue bike trail crossing.  Heading south, your ride will pass subdivisions and acres of remaining farmland making your ride relaxing and scenic.

Safety first!


Take caution of  “STOP” signs on the trails. They alert you to highway crossing in addition to busy private driveway crossings.  Cross traffic does not stop.
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13th Avenue Crossing

Kenosha Country Club entrance, Village of Somers, Kenosha County
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The trail crosses near the entrance of the Kenosha Country Club.  Once farmland, the Kenosha County Club was established in the 1920’s and it is now one of the most beautiful mature private golf courses in Kenosha County.  Just south of the 13th Avenue crossing you will see views of the beautiful golf course landscape.   The old 1800’s railroad concrete bridge is a good place to view the Pike River from above.

Trail crosses Highway A ( 7th Street) or old Berryville Road

Highway A (7th Street) crossing, Village of Somers, County of Kenosha
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Families enjoying the bike trail, Village of Somers, County of Kenosha
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Highway E (12th Street) Crossing


Somers Chargers 4-H Club.  Adopt-A-Trail sign located at the Highway E crossing, Village of Somers, County of Kenosha
Photo Courtesy of County of Kenosha website

“In late 2012 Kenosha County received a request from
Liz Carlson, of the Somers Chargers 4-H Club to Adopt-A-Trail in a County Park.”
Three Cheers for our Somers 4-H Youth!!!”
Find out more about the Kenosha County Adopt-A-Trail Program.


3 Side Trip Choices at the Highway E Crossing

Side Trip Choice #1 – West toward UW-Parkside and Petrifying Springs Park


University of Wisconsin-Parkside,Oberbruner Field, Highway E
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After crossing Highway E, head west on the trail and take the opportunity to stock up on bottled water and snacks at the  BP Gas Station on the corner of 22nd Avenue and Highway E.  Continuing west on Highway E, you will ride past the University of Wisconsin-Parkside campus.  If there is a University softball game or track event this may be a good rest stop to watch a game at UW Parkside Rangers- Oberbruner Field.   Turn right (north) at the stop light on Highway JR.  The paved trail continues toward the University of Wisconsin Parkside and Petrifying Springs Park.  A side trip ride through the campus is a treat.  There are plenty of places to stop, rest in the shade, and sit on benches if you need a break.  The University grounds are beautiful.  Continue on Highway JR to Petrifying Springs Park where there are many picnic tables, seasonal restrooms, and grassy areas to enjoy.  If you need to fill your water bottle, stop at the pump house where you can enjoy a cool drink of spring water!  Off-road paved bike and walking trails span the entire park.


Side Trip Choice #2  – South toward City of Kenosha

The paved trail continues straight ahead toward the intersection of 22nd Avenue and Birch Road.  Casa Capri Restaurant is on the corner.  The trail continues into the City of Kenosha where stops can be made near local grocery stores, restaurants, and coffee shops.

Side Trip Choice #3 – East toward Lake Michigan and Downtown Kenosha

At Highway E (12th Street) the trail continues turning toward the east (following the bike trail signs) through a quiet housing development on side streets.  Follow the signs.  Although you ride a short distance on side streets, a rest stop can be made at Poerio Park Nature Center located on the former Bose and Birch family Somers pioneer farms.  Continuing east, the bike trail connects with Birch Road, crosses the railroad tracks near Sheridan Road and continues through Alford Park where picnic tables are available for a pleasant shady stop.  Passing through Alford Park, a short steep downhill ride stops on Highway 32 and Alford Park Drive by Carthage College.  A lovely paved trail continues along Carthage College, the shores of Lake Michigan, and eventually the trail winds lakeside into downtown Kenosha.  There are many benches along the way to stop, rest, and enjoy the beautiful scenery of Lake Michigan.  Bring a picnic lunch and enjoy.  It is a great ride!