ISO reported its analysis of the structural fire suppression delivery system provided by Somers Fire & Rescue Department to our community, Town of Somers, Kenosha County, Wisconsin, in a letter dated April 27, 2015 to Ben Harbach, Chairman of the Board of Supervisors.  The classification awarded is 04/10 effective August 01, 2015.  Click here to view letter.

How does the PPC system grade local fire protection?

ISO classifies communities from 1 (the best) to 10 (the worst) based on how well they score on the ISO Fire Suppression Rating Schedule, which grades such features as water distribution, fire department equipment and manpower, and fire alarm facilities.  ISO field representatives use the schedule when surveying a community’s fire protection capability.  The score that is determined from applying the Fire Suppression Rating Schedule is translated into a public protection classification.

What is the Public Protection Classification (PPC) system?

It is the country-wide classification system used by the Insurance Services Office (ISO) to reflect a community’s local fire protection for property insurance rating purposes.  The public fire protection of a city, town or area is graded using ISO’s Fire Suppression Rating Schedule to develop the community’s classification.

What is the Insurance Services Office (ISO)?

ISO is a New York based advisory organization that serves the property and casualty insurance industry by providing inspection services, insurance coverage form development, and statistical services.

What does the PPC system mean to you?

When calculating property insurance premiums, insurance companies using the PPC apply a factor that reflects a particular community’s PPC.  A community’s rating becomes especially important to commercial developers and existing commercial businesses already located in Somers who wish to maintain insurance costs to a minimum.
Every city, town, or area that provides fire protection services is subject to being graded to establish a PPC.  Individual buildings, including your house, are subject to the community’s PPC.