2005 Boundary Agreement between Town of Somers and the City of Kenosha

In 2005, the Town of Somers and City of Kenosha entered into a Boundary Agreement per Wisconsin Statute 66.0307.  This Agreement aimed to create a regular permanent boundary between the two municipalities that would facilitate planning efforts in both communities.  The approximate boundary line, with some exceptions, begins on the western side following County Highway S, includes Sunset Ridge Memorial Park south of S, then north on Wisconsin Highway 31, east on County Highway L, north on 41st Avenue, east on County Highway E, south on Wisconsin Highway 32, around the northern edge of Carthage College, and east to Lake Michigan.

The Boundary Agreement’s duration is 30 years from the agreement’s approval date of Aug. 8, 2005.

City of Kenosha/Town of Somers Cooperative Plan Under Section 66.0307, Wisconsin Statutes dated March 4, 2005.

Intergovernmental Agreement for Orderly Development by and between City of Kenosha and Kenosha Water Utility, and Town of Somers, Somers Water Utility, and Somers Sewer Utility District.

Legal Description of all of that part of the Town of Somers which is to be eventually annexed into the City of Kenosha according to the City of Kenosha-Town of Somers Cooperative Plan.  Legal Description drafted Dec. 15, 2004.

Joint Public Hearing Town of Somers/City of Kenosha Cooperative Plan under Section 66.0307 dated January 18, 2005

2005-2009 Consolidated Plan for the Community Development Block Grant and HOME Programs, City of Kenosha

Resolution No. 85-04 dated Aug. 3, 2004, signed by the City of Kenosha Mayor John M. Antaramian

Affidavit of City Clerk of Kenosha respecting the Adoption of Resolution 85-04 dated Aug. 11, 2004

Town of Somers Attachment “J” Final Resolution No. 11-04 dated July 13, 2004

Boundary Agreement between Town of Somers and the Town of Mount Pleasant

Boundary Stipulation and Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement Between the Town of Mount Pleasant and Town of Somers dated January 17, 2000.

Resolution No. 4475 relating to Boundary Agreement affecting the City of Racine, Town of Mount Pleasant, and Town of Caledonia.  This Resolution was passed by the Racine Common Council unanimously on February 20, 2002.

Resolution 6-02 Authorizing Participation in a Co-Operative Plan under 66.0307 of the Wisconsin Statutes, passed by the Somers Town Board on March 12, 2002.