Building Inspector

Russ Nolen

262-859-2822 Telephone

262-859-2822 Fax

Duties of the Inspector

The Inspector may serve notices, deliver Certificates of Occupancy, cause to be issued “Stop and Desist” orders, and such other matters as shall fall within his enforcement duties under the Town of Somers Code of Ordinances.

Permit and Zoning Questions:  Kenosha County

Frequently asked questions and answers posted on the Kenosha County Zoning and Permit web page may also be helpful to Somers residents.

Streamline Residential Permit Process

To streamline the permit and plan review process, which may save fees, please contact Russ Nolen, Building Inspector at 262-859-2822 or for suggestions which may help avoid delays starting your building project.

Town of Somers Code Ordinance

The Building Inspector shall enforce all provisions of the Town of Somers Code of Ordinances Code 1.11 “Building Inspector” relating to building, electrical and plumbing construction.