Plan Commission – Town


Mark Molinaro


Armes, James
Term Ends 04-01-2018 (re-appointed 10-2014)

Donaubauer, John
Term Ends 04-01-2017

Kotten, Vern
Term Ends 06-14-2019

Lesko, Dick
Term Ends 07-28-2019 (appointed 07-28-2015)

Nuzzo, Bob, Alternate
Term Ends 01-13-2019 (appointed 01-15-2015)

Committee Composition

The Park Committee for the Village of Somers shall consists of seven (7) residents of the Village, none of whom shall occupy any elected Village Public office.  Members of the Park Committee shall be appointed by the Village President, and confirmed by the Village Board.


The Town of Somers Plan Commission was created to function in accordance with the provision of 62.23, Wis. Statutes. Duties of the Plan Commission include reviewing all development projects proposed in the Town of Somers. Their actions are based on the 2035 Comprehensive Plan. The general purpose of the 2035 Comprehensive Plan is to provide guidance and direction to the Plan Commission in reviewing development proposals in order to accomplish a well coordinated, balanced, and harmonious development of the community while promoting quality of life. The Commission reviews items such as, but not limited to, neighborhood plans, conceptual plans, subdivision plats, development plans, certified survey maps, zoning map and text amendments, conditional use permits, site and operational plans, and more.

Town of Somers Code Ordinance

Chapter 1 – 1.14 Town Plan Commission


The Plan Commission shall hold meetings on an as needed basis. When scheduled, they are held in the Town Hall at 6:30 P.M. on the Monday preceding the 2nd Tuesday of each calendar month.

Plan Commission Agendas are provided to:

  • Kenosha News
  • WLIP Kenosha Radio Station
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Posted on the website
  • Somers Post Office Public Bulletin Board in Lobby Entrance
  • Somers Fire Station No. 2 located at 818-12th Street (Highway E)
  • The Agenda is also available at the Auditorium door prior to the meeting.  Items listed will be considered at the meeting.  The public is invited to comment during the Citizen Comments portion of the meeting, and at any public hearing listed on the Agenda.


Jason Peters, Somers  Village/Town Administrator
(262) 859-2822

[email protected]