Town/Village Joint Advisory Committee


Molinaro, Mark

Chairman, Town of Somers


Armes, Jim

Supervisor, Town of Somers

Geertsen, Dave

County Board Supervisor

Molinaro, Mark

Chairman, Town of Somers

Peters, Jason

Village/Town Administrator

Lesko, Richard

Supervisor, Town of Somers

Stoner, George

President, Village of Somers

Wamboldt, Ed

Citizen, Member-At-Large


This Committee was established in paragraph VII. Planning, Finance, Budgeting, and Advisory Committee of the Intergovernmental Cooperation Agreement between the Town of Somers and Village of Somers dated October 20, 2015.

Purpose of Committee

The purpose of the Committee is to review and discuss all matters of mutual interest, to include planning, service delivery, fiscal matters, capital expenditures, and any other item of mutual concern of the Village and Town of Somers.


The Committee shall consist of seven members to include the Village President, the Town Chair, two appointees from the Village President to be confirmed by the Village Board to include one at-large citizen member and one town Supervisor. The Town/Village Administrator shall serve as the seventh member. The Village Board and Town Board members’ terms shall follow their respective board terms. Following initial appointments, regular appointments shall be made in April of each year, as needed. The term of the at-large members shall be coterminous with the term of the appointing Chair/President.


Joint work sessions meetings shall occur no less than quarterly.