The Wisconsin Department of Transportation (WisDOT) is planning to upgrade Sheridan Road from Alford Drive in Kensha to 21st Street in Racine. The work seeks to address deteriorating pavement conditions and decreased ride quality along Sheridan Road, as well as to address outdated traffic signal equipment along this segment. WisDOT is proposing to re-stripe the roadway as a 2-lane roadway with a two-way left-turn lane and a marked bike lane.

This past spring, the Somers Public Works Superintendent attended a local meeting held by the WisDOT regarding the proposal. Staff and President Stoner have held several meetings with the WisDOT to express their concerns over the project.

Representatives of the WisDOT staff attended the Sept. 7 work session to discuss the project further. The Somers Village Board was presented with materials regarding the project. That material is available for download by clicking on the image at right.

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