On September 8, 2015, the Village Board of Trustees approved a $5,000 contract to Thompson & Associates for the purpose of wetland delineation services. This is one of the first steps needed to move forward with the Somers Highway 142/S Interceptor Sewer/Water Project that will provide sewer and water to the First Industrial development, and to future development in the area. The project site is located from 31st Street to the west side of the Canadian Pacific Railroad tracks, and a 2,400 foot corridor on Kenosha County Highway H.


Wetland delineation establishes the existence, location, and physical size of a wetland for the purpose of obtaining permits and complying with federal, state and local regulations.  For more information about wetland delineation, click here.  Thompson & Associates will stake the wetland boundaries and prepare a written report to the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers and the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources.  Both Agencies will then review Thompson’s findings to determine whether sewer and water installation is eligible for standard trenching, or if directional boring is required.  Permits will be issued for either directional boring or standard trenching.  Directional boring can be up to three or four times the cost of standard trenching, and as a result, this process is an important step in estimating the project costs.