The Village and Town Boards of Somers held their September 12, 2017 meetings in the historical 1859 Somers Town Hall building located at Hawthorn Hollow Nature Sanctuary on Green Bay Road.  This annual event is held in recognition of the people who came together in the 1960’s to move three Somers historical buildings to Hawthorn Hollow for care and preservation.  Town Board meetings were held in the historic building for 108 years dating from 1859 to 1967 when a new Town Hall was built.


Conducting the meetings in this historical building served as a reminder that although we are in a day of Facebook, the internet, and computer technology that manages all government records, there was a time when the Town Board conducted the people’s business with electricity being the only luxury.  Historically, the “town house” is where people came together to debate policy and budgets and make decisions that were best for the community during the current year and in the future.  Although Somers has changed tremendously over the years, the responsibilities of the elected officials have remained the same as they were in 1859 when Somers population was less than 900.


Both the Village and Town Boards thanked Joe Fonk (Director), Lori Artiomow (Restoration Ecologist), and TJ Leveque (Grounds Curator) at Hawthorn Hollow for hosting and making this evening possible.    Click here for more information about Hawthorn Hollow.

Lori Artiomow, Restoration Ecologist welcome the Village and Town Boards
Hawthorn Hollow, September 12, 2017


Attendees at the September 12, 2017 meeting


The Village Board 



The Town Board and Tim Kitzman, Clerk-Treasurer