As the weather warms, residents turn to their yards for spring clean-up as they rake leaves, and collect other yard debris.  This past weekend, Somers Fire & Rescue was called to assist in extinguishing fires relating to (1) a fire spread when it was left unattended before it was extinguished completely, and (2) a fire spread resulting in lost control of the burn area when the wind increased.


  1. Please review Village of Somers Ordinance 5.115 “Outdoor Burning”.  It is your responsibility to familiarize yourself with the rules BEFORE you burn.
  2. Burn area must be 4’ x 4’ x 4’ or less.
  3. Burn area must be at least 25’ from nearest building
  4. Annual burn permits are required for all times except open burns as described in Ordinance 5.115.  All burn permits expire December 31 regardless of when they were purchased.
  5. OPEN BURN is allowed for 30 days commencing April 15 – May 15 for leaves, plant clippings, lawn residue, etc.
  6. Never leave your fire unless it is extinguished COMPLETELY.
  7. Always burn with a partner who can help with controlling the fire.
  8. Have rakes, shovels, and a water source near you when you burn.
  9. Take special precautions with WIND SPEED and WIND DIRECTION the day of your burn.
  10. Always have your cell phone with you.  If you need help, dial 911.