The Village of Somers was awarded a $5,000 start-up urban forest grant in 2016 from the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources. Grants are offered to support municipalities in their effort in community tree management.  The grant eased the high cost of Somers removing all species of ash trees located in public right-of-ways that have been attacked by the Emerald Ash Borer.  Infected trees typically die in one to three years once infected.
Jerry Smith, Public Work Supervisor, estimates the Sunset Ridge subdivision area has approximately 100 trees that are severely damaged or dead, requiring removal in 2016.  In the fall of 2015, Smith completed an informal inventory of infected ash trees in the Village and Town of Somers.  This will serve as a work-in-progress plan for tree removal.
The start-up grant, which requires a 50-50 match, helped fund this $10,000 Somers public works project.  Upon completion of the work, the Village of Somers will apply for their 50% reimbursement.