Village and Somers Town Hall Rain Garden, Somers, Wisconsin
©2013 Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson.  All Rights Reserved.

Somers Rain Garden

Upon entering the main doorway of the new Somers Village and Town Hall, a 654 square foot Rain Garden was created in 2012.  We are proud to have the Somers Rain Garden featured as a Demonstration Rain Garden on the Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network website.  The Somers Rain Garden captures discharge from two downspouts of the new Town Hall building.  Annual Storm water:  Infiltration is 26,160 gallons.

What is a Rain Garden?

Rain Gardens are planted shallow depressions that are typically located near a building’s roof drainpipe or downspout allowing rainwater to absorb into the garden soil rather than run-off creating erosion or carrying pollutants that end up in rivers and lakes.
Are you a resident or potential commercial developer who would like to create a Rain Garden?  More information is available on How To Build A Rain Garden or  related links to additional helpful information here.
Somers Rain Garden interpretive sign near the Somers Village and Town Hall entrance door
©2013 Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson.  All Rights Reserved.