Left to Right: Aaron Strom, Ryan Nelson, John McMahon, Christopher Mason, Daniel Quntanilla and Ben Anderson, all of somers Fire & Rescue; Dr. Ben Feinzimer, Kenosha County EMS Medical Director

At the Village Board meeting held on April 26, 2016, Dr. Ben Feinzimer, Kenosha County EMS Medical Director, and Somers Fire Chief Carson Wilkinson, recognized members of the Somers Fire & Rescue Department for their dedication and exemplary service to the community.


Ben Feinzimer stated, “On the evening of March 12, 2016, Somers responded to a call for a man down.  As the ambulance and engine companies arrived, they initiated life-saving interventions that ultimately saved a 33-year old man.  Although each of the rescuers will minimize their individual roles, it was their collective effort resulting in this person walking and talking today.”


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