Somers Fire & Rescue and a Kenosha County Sheriff Deputy were recognized for their role in the rescue of a victim who was found unconscious by first responders.   They performed cardiac arrest resuscitation in a professional and expedited manner, resulting in the subsequent recovery of the victim. Representatives from Froedert South and the Medical College of Wisconsin presented the commendations.

Froeber, Joedin (Somers Lieutenant/EMT-1)




Kenosha County Sheriff David Beth and J.T. Jones (Kenosha County Sheriff Deputy)



Koloen, Kevin (Somers Captain/Paramedic)



Pisula, Adam (Somers Firefighter/Paramedic)



Robbins, Justin (Somers Firefighter/EMT)




Schoenfeld, Trever (Somers Firefighter/EMT)


Eduardo Rivera (Somers driver) also received a commendation but was unable to attend the ceremony.  All who were recognized showed the extreme value of training, education, and dedication to their roles as safety professionals as they serve the community of Somers.



Great job!  We are proud of all of you!