When are games played?

Scheduled games are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays starting at 6:00 p.m. Make-up games are either Friday or Monday evenings depending on field availability.

Where are the games played?

All games are held at Somers Memorial Park behind Somers Village and Town Hall, 7511 12th Street (Highway E).  There are three diamonds (North being closest to fire station, South is straight back, and the West diamond is up on the hill west of the playground area).

What determines grade level?

Your child will play in the grade level that he or she will be going into in the fall. No one is allowed to sign up for a division below their grade level; however, your child can play up a division if you feel your child is ready.

Can I play with my friend?

Yes. All requests should be made on Registration Form.  Limitation:  You are allowed to name only one friend’s name.

What if I DO NOT want to be on same team as last year, or with someone?

Please indicate this on your Registration Form.  We do our best to honor every request.

My friend & I are in different grade levels.  Can we still play on the same team?

Yes. However, you must sign up in the older grade level!!! No exceptions!!

Can I switch teams after the schedule comes out?

NO!!! Make any special requests on the Registration Form. There will be no switching.

Why didn’t I end up on the same team with the child I requested?

This does happen occasionally.  Did that child sign up? Is that child in a different division? Sometimes that child requests to play with someone else and their team is too full. We do our best to keep everyone happy.

How are teams selected?

After determining coaches, we first try to keep as much of a team together from the previous year as possible. Next, we honor special player requests noted on the Registration Form. We then add children who moved up from younger divisions, trying to keep groups of children from teams together. Next we go through and determine if there are equal amounts of younger and older children on each team, and an equal number of boys vs. girls on each team.

Do coaches stack teams?

NO! There is no coach input into team selection. We do use previous years rosters to help keep teams together.

What does my child need?

Each player needs a baseball glove and proper shoes (No sandals, etc). A team shirt will be provided. The shirts are typically handed out by the coach at the first game.  Shirt sizes run small. Please order accordingly. There will be no exchanges made. We order our shirts from T-shirt Express in Regency Mall. They will print your child’s name on the back of the jersey for a small fee.

When are practices?

Individual coaches determine practice days and times. Saturdays tend to be a popular day; however, several older teams practice on Monday evenings. Teams usually have a few practices before the season starts. Once season starts practices are usually once a week.

What if we can’t make practices?

There is no penalty for not attending practices. This is a recreational league and we understand some families are out of town on weekends or just very busy.  Keep in mind that coaches volunteer and give up a lot of their time for practices and players should make every effort to attend when they are able.

How are “Rain Outs” determined?

The Village and Town of Somers works the diamonds on game days. If field conditions are too wet to work or they determine fields are unsafe, they call the league Directors by 4:30 PM. The league Director calls all the coaches, and coaches call their players. If you do not hear from your coach you are to assume games are being played as scheduled. (THERE ARE OCCASIONS WHERE IT MAY BE RAINING ON ANOTHER SIDE OF TOWN, BUT MAY NOT BE RAINING HERE – DO NOT EVER ASSUME GAMES ARE CANCELED – CALLS ARE ALWAYS MADE). Of course if it starts to rain after 4:00 it is sometimes necessary to leave it up to the umpires at the field.

How do I plan for picture day?

You will receive an order form one week before picture day. Pictures are rain or shine! Pictures are taken behind the North Diamond backstop.  It is required you arrive 10 minutes before your scheduled time.  Even if you do not intend to buy any pictures, it would be nice to be in the team picture. If it is raining, pictures are taken inside the Somers Town Hall. Pictures are handed out by coaches approximately 4 weeks later.