Reesman Excavating, contracted by Somers to work on the Highway E Sewer Interceptor Project, donated $500 to Somers in appreciation and recognition for their response and assistance in a potentially significant situation while working on the project in March 2015.  A worker, who lost his footing and fell into a trench, was transported by Froedtert Hospital’s Flight for Life.


 “Rescue professionals from Somers and other areas came to help.  All of them did a great job that day.  It was a team effort to remove our employee from the trench and get prompt medical call.  We were very fortunate given the magnitude of the incident.  I am happy to report that the man is now back to work”, said Greg Reesman, President of Reesman Excavating Company.


Interim Fire Chief Aaron Strom stated the Department plans to purchase new ropes, harnesses, and other accessories that are used in emergency calls relating to trench and high angle rescue.