Kenosha County’s Petrifying Springs Park, located in the Village of Somers, is a most beloved and popular park with Somers residents.  The park is closed during the cutting and removal of trees infected with the emerald ash borer.  It is expected the park will reopen within the next 30 days.  The emerald ash borer is an invasive, wood boring beetle that kills ash trees by eating tissue under the bark.  It is estimated that 2,800 trees will be removed from Pets this winter.  Although the park will look different this spring, many trees have been planted in the past three years in preparation for the removal project and more plantings are scheduled. The project is managed by Koerner Forest Products of Oshkosh.  After the logging is completed at Petrifying Springs Park, the ash tree removal project will move to Brighton Dale Park and Fox River Park.


 All of us look forward to visiting our favorite park soon!


Photo Gallery of Logging Project
Petrifying Springs Park
Photos Taken February 11, 2016

(All Photos:  Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson)


Brush pile looking west across Lot 3


Brush pile in parking lot by new west bridge


Logs stacked in clubhouse parking lot


Brush pile west end of park, looking north toward barn


Logs stacked by dog park


Looking north to fairway “toboggan hill”


Looking south to dog park


Ash tree damaged by ants



Looking north to flag memorial


Log truck loading


Looking west toward clubhouse from parking lot


Looking south from clubhouse


View looking west from clubhouse


winter scene of bridge over creek


Whitetail deer enjoying a winter day in the park