Village Board approved Ordinance updates that have not yet been incorporated into the Chapters below. Ordinances were updated April 2020.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1 – General Provisions
Chapter 2 – The Governing Body
Chapter 3 – Village Administration
Chapter 4 – Parks
Chapter 5 – Fire and Rescue Protection
Chapter 6 – Emergency Government Operations
Chapter 7 – Traffic Code
Chapter 8 – Public Works
Chapter 9 – Public Peace and Good Order
Chapter 10 – Public Nuisances
Chapter 11 – Sales of Alcohol Beverages
Chapter 12 – Licenses and Permits
Chapter 13 – Municipal Utilities
Chapter 14 – Building Code
Chapter 15 – Housing Discrimination Prohibited
Chapter 16 – Automatic Sprinkler and Fire Prevention Systems
Chapter 17 – Construction and Post-Construction Erosion Control
Chapter 18 – Land Division & Platting Control
Chapter 19 – Cable Communications
Chapter 20 – Recycling
Chapter 21 – Property Maintenance
Chapter 22 – Contractors
Chapter 23 – Sexual Offender Residency Restrictions
Chapter 24 – Administrative Review Procedure
Chapter 25 – Construction and Effect of Ordinances
Chapter 26 – Official Map
Chapter 27 – Annexations
Chapter 28 – Removal of Salvageable Non-Structural Materials from Vacated Buildings
Chapter 29 – Attachment of Enrico Mosconi Declaration of Trust Property

General Zoning and Shoreland/Floodplain Zoning Ordinance

Joint Somers Municipal Court Amended Bond Schedule. Approved by Village Board Resolution 17-001. Dated January 10, 2017.

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