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Somers Fire & Rescue Department Firefighters and Kenosha Sheriff’s Deputies were recognized at the Somers Village Board meeting Tuesday June 11 for their quick action on a call for a woman with difficulty breathing.
Aurora South Wisconsin EMS Medical Directors Steven Andrews and Andrew Aswegan presented Lifesaving Award certificates and pins to Somers Fire & Rescue Deptartment Captain Scott Schoenfeld, FireMedic Joseph Butts, FireMedic Brandon Dzibinski, Firefighter/EMT Ryan Smith, Firefighter Timothy Casey, Sheriff’s Deputies Samantha Wells, Jakob Pekosh and Korin Bourdo.
On April 28, Deputies Wells, Pekosh, and Bourdo responded to Walmart for a women who was not conscious and not breathing. As a team, Deputies Wells, Pekosh, and Bourdo conducted cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR) on the patient and connected her to an Automated External Defibrillator while continuously performing CPR.
When the Somers Fire & Rescue arrived on scene, they took over life saving measures and transported the patient to Aurora Hospital. She made a full recovery.
Being able to quickly start CPR is essential to improve outcome for people in cardiac arrest. The Somers Fire & Rescue department offers CPR training thought their Make the Difference initiative. To find out more about the classes, check this page on the Fire Department web page.