The Village of Somers entered in an agreement with the Sheriff’s Department for Animal Control services in August.

Municipalities throughout Kenosha county including the Towns of Paris, Wheatland and Randall and the Villages of Bristol and Paddock Lake were without those services since Clawz and Pawz ceased operation.

The service will cover loose domesticated animals, stray farm animals, animal attack and investigate animal cruelty complaints.
Loose domesticated animals will be transported to the Wisconsin Humane Society – Kenosha Campus at 7811 60th Avenue in Kenosha. Any fees associated with the transport and care of animals found in Somers will be charged to owners.

“We will assist as much as we can with wildlife,” said Capt. Eric Klinkhammer. “But in most cases the resolution would require the citizen to contact an animal rescue, trapper or private contractor.”

To contact animal control, residents should call dispatch at 262-656-1234 or 262-653-6600.

For more information about animal control, check out this page on our website.