After Brian Hansen, a three-time United States Olympian, skated down the Kenosha Harbor, the Kenosha Safety Around Water Coalition urges the community not to recreate this stunt. The ice at the mouth of the harbor is especially dangerous now that temperatures are rising. This remains true in the winter months.

“These ice conditions can change in seconds when lake currents, surface winds, or boat wakes from large shipping vessels pass the harbor,” said Somers Fire Lieutenant Ben Andersen, who is also the Kenosha County Dive Team Leader.

“Currents in the harbor and Lake Michigan will cause undertows, so if someone were to fall in, remember don’t jump in after them. Reach with something like a pole or throw them a rope.”

Andersen added that would-be rescuers can become victims themselves.

The KSAW coalition issued a press release available here.

The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources states that ice is never 100 percent safe and offers these additional ice safety tips.