The Village of Somers has been working on updating water and sewer connections along Sheridan Road. Connections were inspected in the spring of 2020 to assess which ones need to be repaired.

Homeowners are responsible for the cost of the repairs located on their properties.

The Village was able to secure a low interest loan for the project. While replacement of a sewer lateral can cost up to $10,000, residents with a failing connection have the opportunity to get the work done at a cost of $1,000, with the Village picking up any cost in excess of that amount.

Since the contractor will need access to the property, residents are asked to sign a release.

An information meeting will be held at the Somers Village/Town Hall, 7511 12th St. (Highway E) Jan. 27 starting at 6 p.m. for residents to have their questions answered. A letter was mailed to residents affected by the project. A copy of the letter and the release is available here.