How do I pay my taxes?

Bills can be paid in person at the Village/Town Hall, 7511 12th St. (Highway E). If you are paying in person, make sure to wear a mask and respect social distancing protocols.
  • Masks are required within the Village/Town
  • Follow directions for the line to the counter
  • Use the hand sanitizing stations which have been setup every six feet to indicate where residents should stand in line
You can also pay by mail or through the drop boxes in front of the Village/Town Hall, in front of fire station #2 at 818 12th St, or at Tri City National Bank, 5901 Washington Rd. More information is available here.
Online payment is also available through this link. Select “real estate tax” in drop down menu and complete your transaction.
Payment is also available over the phone by calling 866-974-8091.

Budget information

The 2021 budget was adopted Nov. 24, 2020. Current and past Village/Town budgets are posted on the Somers website.

The combined levy for the Town and Village increased by $63,974, or 1.4 percent, from $4,467,391 in 2020 to $4,531,365 in 2021.

Properties in the Village of Somers were reassessed in 2020, which had not been done in 10 years. The new total assessed value for the Village is $921,232,000. This is a 25 percent increase from last year, which will reduce the overall tax rate in the village but may increase property owners’ taxes. The 2020 assessed value for the Town of Somers is $92,059,200, a decrease of $2,800,200 in value or 3 percent from 2019.

Because assessment was up in the Village, it will result in Town taxpayers paying a lower percentage of operating costs.

The Village and Town have provided FAQs to tax payers at this link.

A hard copy of the budget and information sheet is available to residents by request at the Village/Town Hall.