The Somers Fire and Rescue department is partnering with Froedtert’s St. Catherine’s Hospital to provide advanced care for cardiac patents.
The new program, called “Straight to Cath” allows firefighters to evaluate whether patients need catherization and, if it is the case, prepare the patient for the procedure.
The hospital staff is immediately notified that the patient is in route and starts preparing for the procedure.
Once at the hospital, the patient bypasses the emergency room and is taken directly into surgery saving critical time and saving lives.
As Dr. Rosenberg from Froedtert pointed out, this program saves lives as “time is muscle” in cardiac emergencies.
Somers is the second community in Kenosha County to join this partnership.
“Somers Fire and Rescue remains committed to provide the best care possible to the residents and visitors to the Village and Town of Somers,” said Fire Chief Carson Wilkinson.