The Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network has completed the Neumiller Woods Park wetland scrape after more than five years of planning, design, permitting, bidding… and waiting on the weather.

The contractor, Applied Ecological Services, was able to use the large equipment coming off another Root-Pike WIN project in Somers, and made quick work of the scrape.

The one-acre scrape will hold approximately 60,000 additional gallons of stormwater when the Somers Branch exceeds its shallow banks through the park.

Root-Pike WIN will be seeding and plantings the area next. Maintenance will occur over the next three years to eradicate invasive species resprout.

The new habitat will create a unique passive place to view and explore wetland wildlife.

Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network secured grants totaling $50,000 for the project. Funders include the Fund for Lake Michigan and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources’ partnership with the Great Lakes Restoration Initiative (GLRI).

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Applied Ecological Services uses large equipment to work at Neumiller Woods Park. Photos courtesy of Root-Pike WIN and Village of Somers.