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A cougar was reportedly seen near the intersection of Highway EA (72nd Avenue) and Highway S (38th Street). The sighting was not confirmed.

The cougars are the largest wildcat in North America north of Mexico. In the Americas, only jaguars of South America, Central America and Mexico are larger.

Cougar can be identifies as follows, according to the Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources:


  • Adult weight: 116-160 pounds (male) and 75-110 pounds (female)
  • Length: 80-95 inches (male) and 72-80 inches (female)
  • Tail length: 28-38 inches and rope-like with a black tip
  • Shoulder height: 27-31 inches

Adult coloration

  • Coat overall is tawny but can vary from reddish, yellow to gray
  • Belly, underside, inside legs and chin are white or creamy
  • Black-tipped tail
  • Some black on the front of the muzzle, below the nose
  • Back of the ears are solid black or gray

Immature coloration

  • Young have dark brown spots that last until nine months of age
  • Light spotting may still be present until the cougar is two years old


  • In mud or snow, 2.7-4.0 inches in length and 2.8-4.5 inches width
  • Round and often wider than they are long
  • No claws (although some canid tracks may not show claws or nails)

Any resident seeing it and feeling threatened, should call 911.

Any sighting can be reported to the DNR with this following form.