Commencing Monday, July 31st,  13th Avenue will be closed from Highway A to the north end of the Pike River bridge for emergency roadway embankment and stream stabilization work needed as a result of recent flooding.  It is expected the road will be closed for approximately one week.


As authorized by Village of Somers Resolution number 17-016 “Resolution for Declaration of Emergency Due to Flooding”, the Village Administrator enlisted the services of the Village engineer to determine what public infrastructure was damaged by the July floods that would threaten public health or welfare if repairs were not immediately made.  The July floods eroded significant Pike River embankment and 13th Avenue roadway and created a safety concern for the traveling public.  The Village Administrator contacted the firm of Baxter & Woodman to design repair specifications.  The Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources inspected the damaged area and supported emergency roadway embankment and stream stabilization repairs.  Permits were applied for and granted immediately.


Michels Corporation will begin construction work on repairs that include 100 feet of sheeting, heavy quartzite rip rap, silt fence, grade riverbank, fiber fabric, backfill, and grass seed.  The cost estimate of this project is $189,925.00.