Somers Veterans Memorial Walkway leading to Somers Veterans Memorial
Somers, Wisconsin
“Pathway of Honor”

Photograph by Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson

Effective November 1, 2014, personalized engraved pavers may be purchased from the Town of Somers to honor or memorialize any U.S. Veteran or current active duty U.S. military member.  The pavers will be placed in the “Pathway of Honor” leading to the Somers Veterans Memorial Pavilion.  With your purchase of an engraved paver, you honor those who have served or are now serving to preserve freedom throughout the world, giving them the recognition they deserve.


Pavers purchased during the 2014-2015 winter season will be installed in spring 2015.  A maximum number of 300 pavers are available for purchase.


In support of this project, two generous donations were received:  $1,200 from the Somers United Church and Community Foundation, Inc. whose purpose is to support church and community projects, and $1,000 from the Veterans of Foreign War Post #2751.  No tax dollars were used for this project.  Funds from developer impact fees were also used to partially fund the project.  Proceeds from the sale of the paver bricks will be returned to the impact fee fund to be used for other projects and maintenance. 


The paver, 8″ x 8″, offers a maximum of six lines of engraving that includes 20 characters for each line.  You are not required to use all six lines.  In order to maintain a consistent format within the walkway, the Town of Somers will review inscriptions.  Should a proposed inscription not meet our suggested guidelines, the purchaser will be contacted by a Town of Somers representative to discuss possible amendments.  Prior to engraving, purchasers will be contacted to verify the correctness of requested inscriptions.  In the event that an inscription is not correct, the Town of Somers will not bear responsibility if the error was caused by the purchaser.  The Town of Somers maintains the right to determine the placement location and the schedule of installation for all engraved pavers.  All engraved pavers shall become the property of the Town of Somers.


The cost of each paver is $100.00.


The Somers Memorial Parkway was designed by Bill Morris, Town of Somers Administrator, and implementation is coordinated by a joint effort of the Town of Somers Public Works Department and the Somers Parks Committee.  Concrete was provided by PCR Concrete of Somers and earth work and paver installation was completed by the Town of Somers Public Works staff.  


1.  Click on the order form link below and print.
2.  Complete form.  Please proofread to avoid errors.
3.  Payment can be made in cash or check payable to Town of Somers.
4.  Mail or bring completed order form and payment to Town of Somers, attention Jerry Smith or Tim Kitzman.