We are pleased to announce that the Village of Somers Utility District will begin work this spring on the first phase of a multi-year sanitary sewer rehabilitation project. On March 13, 2018, the Village Board awarded the $376,302.30 contract to Musson Bros., of Brookfield, Wisconsin.  The 2018 project will focus on 52nd Avenue and 16th Place.


Many homes in this area have clay sewer laterals connecting sewer service from the road to the house that date back to the 1950’s, over 65 years old.  Common problems with our aging system are cracked pipes or leaking joints, sagging, roots, and holes that cause improper ground water infiltration.


Prior to lining or replacement, the crew cleans the pipe and inserts a video camera to inspect the pipe condition from the street to the home.  On the day of the work, service will be turned off to prevent any back-up into basements.


Residents impacted by this project should expect to receive a notification letter from the Village of Somers explaining the process and what to expect, well in advance of any work being performed.