On March 24, 2015, the Somers Town Board repealed the 1997 sewer moratorium by adopting Resolution No. 15-002.


The Somers sewer moratorium, disallowing land splits or development in a specific area, was adopted by the Somers Town Board in 1997 because the sewer system was at capacity during rain events.  The new Highway E Sewer Relief Project, expected to be completed by June 2015, resolves the flooding problems.  The new sewer will have sufficient capacity to accommodate new development west to I-94.


The Highway E Sewer Relief Project includes new sewer lines in area of Highway H, one-half mile south of Highway E, east to Highway EA, north to Highway E, and east to the Somers Elementary School.  This new interceptor sewer will allow for sub-dividing of property within this previous restricted area.