The Village of Somers received a letter dated November 10, 2017 from the Wisconsin Department of Administration confirming its approval of the Somers-Paris-Kenosha Intergovernmental Agreement.  The letter, signed by Dawn Vick, Administrator in the Division of Intergovernmental Relations, stated this agreement “established certainty regarding municipal boundaries and land use development, and will provide a solid foundation for decades of future cooperation between your communities.”  The letter also recaps highlights of the 224-page complete document submitted to the Wisconsin Department of Administration on October 24, 2017.

Receiving the November 10th approval letter was the final step in a year long process of negotiations that ultimately ended in an agreement that will open the door to development in the I-94 corridor.   The agreement addressed water utility and sewer service, the creation of permanent borders, and revenue sharing.

Should anyone have questions concerning the plan details or implementation, please contact Jason Peters, Town Administrator via 262-859-2822 or email.