The Foxconn development in the Village of Mt. Pleasant will impact the Village of Somers as it relates to roads, stormwater, current property owner land use, and our rural landscape in the northwestern part of the Village.  President George Stoner and the Trustees have made the Foxconn project a top priority to ensure it has a positive impact on our Village. 


During the development process, it is critical that Somers officials take a seat at the table at every opportunity to voice concerns, identify issues, and discuss solutions with the Wisconsin Department of Transportation and our neighboring municipalities.  At a meeting hosted by the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, held at the Village of Mt. Pleasant Hall, on Tuesday, January 9, 2018, President Stoner reports the following actions and discussions that impact Somers.


1.  Reduce the speed limit on County Highway A from 55 mph to 45 mph from the I-94 east frontage road to Highway EA.  Highway A is a designated construction route.  Highway A is located in Somers, however, it is a County Highway and the proposal will be presented to the Kenosha County Board.

2.  The Wisconsin Department of Transportation has agreed to install signage, where appropriate, to direct construction traffic on an official construction route.  Specifically, signs will be located on the Highway E exit from I-94 directing trucks and construction vehicles to proceed north on the east frontage road to Highway A where they will turn east toward Highway H.  The purpose of the signage is to prohibit construction traffic near our residential neighborhoods and Shoreland Lutheran High School located between I-94 and Highway H.

3.  Kenosha/Racine County Line Road “KR” will be rebuilt and raised approximately two feet between I-94 and Highway EA.  The State of Wisconsin plans to acquire a 50’ easement on the south side of KR in order to create a gentle slope to improve entry to driveways.

4.  Highway H and Kenosha/Racine County Line Road “KR” will be a controlled intersection that includes stop and go lights and turn lanes.

5.  Engineers are in the process of designing water retention systems on the Foxconn campus that will establish adequate retention ponds that include controlled release features.  President Stoner and Village engineers plan to review all retention pond plans carefully and in detail because the Foxconn water will drain into the Des Plaines River (Kilbourn Ditch) that flows southward through Somers into Kenosha. 


On January 23, 2018, the Village Board unanimously passed Ordinance 18-002 “Designating Truck Routes”.  The Ordinance was created to protect our Village roads, especially 100th Avenue, from being destroyed by heavy machinery traffic.  President Stoner will continue to provide official updates on as they occur.  He can be reached by email at [email protected] or telephone at 262-859-2822 should any Somers resident wish to ask questions or communicate concerns.


More Information

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