Thomas Smith, Fire Chief, Somers Fire & Rescue Dept.
(Photo by Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson)
Thomas Smith, Somers Fire Chief, submitted his resignation to William Morris, Village and Town Administrator, citing May 8, 2015 as his last day.

“My resignation from the Somers Fire Department is a decision that did not come easily and was not precluded by anything that any Somers employees or firefighters did or said,” Chief Smith stated.  “The decision is one based on what’s best for my family and myself at this point in our lives. I worked extremely well with the Fire Commission, Town Supervisors, and Town staff, along with all of the full-time and part-time firefighters and EMT’s.  I will miss working with all my fellow co-workers.  I would like to thank the officers and members of the Somers Fire Department who worked diligently with me to keep the Department moving forward. There are always hurdles to overcome and I’m confident that the Department will serve this community with the passion and dedication is has for over 80 years because of the strong officer core and dedicated members.  I would also like thank the Fire Commission and Town Supervisors for giving me this opportunity.”


William Morris, Village and Town Administrator commented, “We are very sorry to accept Tom’s resignation.  His calming attitude, organizational skills, and ability to efficiently administer his Department leaves us sorry to see his departure.”


Ben Harbach, Town Chairman, also expressed disappointment in the Chief’s resignation.  “While Chief Smith was with us a relatively short period of time, he was able to introduce a number of beneficial changes.  We appreciate his service to the Somers community and wish him success”, said Harbach, Town Chairman. 


On Monday, April 27, 2015, a public Somers Fire Commission meeting was held at the Village and Town Hall.  Town Board members and residents were also in attendance.  The Fire Commission formally accepted Smith’s letter of resignation and discussed the process of moving forward with the new search for a Fire Chief.  The Fire Commission has the power under Wisconsin Statues to appoint a new Chief of the Somers Fire & Rescue Department.


Captain Aaron T. Strom, Training Office of Somers Fire & Rescue (center with sun glasses) with members of the Department who were training at a house burn on the corner of Highways 31 and JR in Somers.
(Photo by Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson)

Although Somers will begin the process of searching for a new Chief, the Somers Fire & Rescue Department and its members are 100% committed and ready to serve the community when needed.  “As far as the Fire Chief leaving, it is unfortunate; however, rest assure the members of the Somers Fire & Rescue Department are always ready to respond to emergency calls with same professionalism and high level of care we always strive for. With the strong leadership abilities throughout the ranks, we will never settle for subpar because of change.  A fire department should be a highlight for its community, not an arguing point because of politics.  Never the less, we have members within the ranks who could easily step up and assume the position of Fire Chief with great ability.  We are here to serve our extended family, the citizens of Somers”, said Aaron T. Strom, Training Officer of Somers Fire & Rescue Department and President of the Somers Professional Firefighters, Local #3841.
The all-new Village and Town Hall Fire Station were dedicated and opened November, 2011.  The 13,000 square foot Fire & Rescue facility is state-of-the art for a community of approximately 9,000 people.  It is equipped with new common areas such as a lounge, kitchen, sleeping quarters, offices, reception area, and first class training areas within the station.
Three meetings are scheduled for May 6, 2015.

  • 5:00 PM – Special Joint Town Board & Fire Commission Meeting
  • Special Town Board Meeting immediately following the Special Joint Meeting
  • Special Fire Commission Meeting immediately following the Special Town Board Meeting