The changing of our season from summer to fall means our leaves turn from green into beautiful reds, yellows, and oranges.  But once they hit the ground, how do you dispose of the leaves?  You have a choice of burning, mulch, or compost.


Should you decide to burn, please review the following safety tips:

  • Learn before you burn.  Review your Town and Village Ordinances.
  • Burn permits serve a purpose.  They make us aware of the location of potential burning activity in our community.
  • Safety is #1.  Check weather and wind forecast.
  • Be considerate of your neighbors.
  • Have ready water, rakes, and shovels.
  • Do not burn alone. Have someone available to help manage the burn, or go for help.
  • Scrape several feet of bare soil around your burn pile.
  • Never leave your fire.
  • Time your burn.  Make sure the fire is COMPLETELY EXTINGUISHED and DEAD OUT by dusk.
  • Keep your cell phone handy and call 911 with problems.