Village and Town of Somers Emergency Contact

Dial 911

for Sheriff, Fire and Rescue


Please use the 911 calling system.  It is the best system to help you.

All you have to do is make one 911 call.


When you dial 911…

1.  A dispatcher will answer your call.

2.  Remain calm and describe the situation to the dispatcher.

3.  Speak slowly.

4.  Do not hang up.  Stay on the line with the dispatcher and follow instructions.


Frequently Asked Emergency Questions

I have an unlisted land line telephone number.  Do I need to do anything?

No.  The 911 systems recognizes unlisted telephone numbers and the address attached to the number is available to the dispatch operator.

I have an internet telephone number such as Vonage or Magic Jack.  Do I need to do anything?

Yes.  Make sure your address is correct and registered for 911 purposes with your telephone carrier.

I only have a cell phone.  Do I need to do anything?

Yes.  When you dial 911, stay on the line and make sure you give the dispatcher your exact address location.  When a 911 call is placed from a cell phone the dispatcher learns first what tower the signal comes from, and second, it attempts to plot the location.  The signal may not give an absolute location.  Calling from a cell phone does not provide the dispatcher with an address, only location of where you are at the moment.  Weather conditions and calling from inside a building can also distort the signal.  Remember, stay on the line and speak clearly.

I want to know if my number is recognized by 911. Who do I call and ask?

You may call the Kenosha County Non-Emergency telephone number at (262) 653-6600 to request a 911 test.  They will give you instructions.  DO NOT call 911 to test your telephone number.  Deputies or emergency personnel will come to your door.

Information about the Kenosha County 911 Emergency Telephone Service

The County of Kenosha has created an E911 Emergency Telephone System with a single Public Safety Answering Point located in the communication center of the Kenosha Joint Services facility.

Ordinance 18.01-1 may be cited as the 911 Emergency Telephone Ordinance.  This ordinance is enacted under the authority of Section 146.70, Wisconsin Statutes, for the purpose of creating an emergency telephone system which can be accessed from any telephone located in the County of Kenosha by dialing the numbers 911.