The Council of Governments is a group of representatives from the County of Kenosha, City of Kenosha, Kenosha County Towns and Villages, and the State legislature that meet semi-annually.  The purpose of the meetings are to promote positive relationships and discuss items of mutual interest and concerns.  Somers hosted the spring 2018 meeting on April 21, 2018.


Topic highlights:

  • Lake Michigan shoreline protection necessity and funding challenges
  • Renovations at Brookside are completed and a May 15 open house has been scheduled
  • District Attorney office is going paperless by the end of August
  • Significant progress by Kenosha County and State on addressing the opioid epidemic ranging from prevention, chronic users, and the justice system
  • School safety progress and funding for locks, alarms and cameras on exterior doors
  • Redistricting
  • Dark Store legislation
  • Closing the power plant in Pleasant Prairie and the impact to the community
  • Gateway Technical College and UW-Parkside addressing skilled labor needs
  • Foxconn projects impacting more traffic from construction employees, road construction and detours, Highway KR railroad overpass, and I-94 back-ups.
  • Stormwater/flooding prevention efforts coordinated between state and county
  • Significant growth county-wide and the impact on services, roads, and parks
  • Kenosha Country unemployment lowest in history
  • Agribusiness continues to be important in Kenosha County. One of ten jobs in Wisconsin relate to Agribusiness.
  • State passing legislation that impacts local government creating new challenges
  • Villages and Towns report on current issues and outlook for remaining of 2018
  • Remediation and addressing foreclosed or abandoned homes with the goal of getting property back on tax rolls



Council of Governments Meeting, April 21, 2018
Hosted by Village of Somers