Installed in 1962, the 54 year old Carthage College lift station and forced main, which provides sanitary sewer and storm water processing for the Sheridan Road corridor, is in the process of being replaced.  Customers in the Sheridan Road corridor extends from Carthage College north to County KR (Kenosha-Racine County Line Road).

The station has reached its life expectancy as evidenced by more frequent costly repairs and aged technology. Lift stations contain the pumps, valves and electric equipment necessary to move sewage from low to high elevations.  Replacement will avoid the risk of sewer utility back-ups and problems for customers in the Somers Water Utility District. The engineering design for the project has been completed.  The project specifications have been forwarded to the City of Kenosha and Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources with a request to approve.   We are prepared to begin construction in 2016 when approvals are received.