A record 302 building permits were issued in 2015 which resulted in new one-time revenue of $306,528.11.
Nearly 60% of the $306,528.11 has come primarily from Somers first industrial development, First Park 94, located on the corner of Highways H and S.  The second largest category, approximately 12%, was received from new single family homes, most of which are located in the Parkside Springs subdivision on Highway E just east of Highway 31.
A small portion of the 2015 permit fees received, which were the result of new sewer and water utility connections, were directed to the Somers Utility District. The majority remained in the general operating fund where the fees contributed to the elimination of the 2014 negative general fund balance.
73% of the permit fees were the result of permits for property improvement, while 27% accounted for new construction.  Of the 302 permits, 76% were residential, 1% multi-family, and 23% were commercial related.