Five members and two alternates, all of whom must reside within the Town, are appointed by the Town Chairperson and Confirmed by the Town Board.

Armes, James
Appointed February 9, 2106

Griffin, John

Lesko, Richard
Appointed February 9, 2016

Molinaro, Mark
Appointed February 9, 2016

Vacant:  One Member

Vacant:  Two Alternates

Purpose of Board of Appeals

The Town of Somers has established a Board of Appeals, Town of Somers Ordinance 1.16 Board of Appeals for the purpose of hearing and deciding appeals and applications for variances from the provisions of the Town Land Use Ordinances which are in harmony with the purpose and intent of that Ordinance.


The Board of Appeals meets on an as needed basis, subject to an appointment for variances filed with the Town of Somers Clerk-Treasurer.

The Board of Appeals Agendas are provided to:

  • Kenosha News
  • WLIP Kenosha Radio Station
  • Time Warner Cable
  • Posted on the website
  • Somers Post Office Public Bulletin Board in Lobby Entrance
  • Somers Fire Station No. 2 located at 818-12th Street (Highway E)
  • The Agenda is also available at the Auditorium door prior to the meeting.  Items listed will be considered at the meeting.  The public is invited to comment during the Citizen Comments portion of the meeting, and at any public hearing listed on the Agenda.

Two Step Process

  • Complete Application for variance at Kenosha County.
  • Provide Town of Somers with a copy of the Kenosha County Application for variance.
  • Make payment of $350.00 fee (effective August 2013) to the Town of Somers.
  • Hearing with Town of Somers Board of Appeals will be scheduled.
  • The Town of Somers Clerk-Treasurer will forward a copy of the hearing results to the County of Kenosha.


For more information about the Board of Appeals process, please contact Wendy Burnette Somers Clerk-Treasurer at 262-859-2822 or [email protected].