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"Dark Store" Loophole Potential Tax Shift to Somers Homeowners

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The “Dark Store” strategy is a tax loophole in the assessment law being used by big box retailers and other national chains to lower the amount they pay in property taxes.  The loophole shifts a significant share of the tax burden from box retailers to homeowners, agriculture, and small business just to maintain the same services. 


Many municipalities across Wisconsin have adopted a Dark Store resolution urging Governor Walker and the Legislature to close the loophole that causes property tax burdens to shift from national chains to residential taxpayers.  If passed, Somers residents and remaining commercial and agricultural taxpayers would see an increase on their tax bill for County of Kenosha, Gateway, Library and Somers tax entities for the same services.


On June 13, 2017, the Village Board passed Resolution #17-012 in support of the proposed legislation of closing this Dark Store loophole.  We encourage all residents to contact their representative to make your opinions known.


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