The Village of Somers is transitioning its hard copy mapping of the utility district and public works infrastructure to a Global Imaging System (GIS) with the help of a joint venture between the Kenosha County Division of Land Information, Village of Somers Public Works, and Carthage College students who have served as interns during the spring 2017 semester. 


Intern students of Dr. Scott Wenjie Sun, Associate Professor of Geospatial Science, Computer Science, and Asian Studies at Carthage College, electronically collected highly accurate data of Somers utility infrastructure such as the location and depth of sewer manhole covers, location of storm sewers, depth of sewer mains, and design parameters of sewer manhole covers.  Students, under the supervision of Somers Public Works, used Trimble RI and R2 geographic positioning equipment on loan from Kenosha County.


This electronic data is extremely useful during utility emergencies as well as obtaining faster and more accurate quotes and estimates for utility repair work.