Village and Town of Somers

Street Address
7511 – 12th Street
Kenosha, WI 53144


Mailing Address
P.O. Box 197
Somers, WI 53171


(262) 859-2822 Tel.
(262) 859-2331 Fax



8:00 am – 4:30 pm

Monday - Friday

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Municipal Court Clerk

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    Francine Dibble



The Somers Municipal Court Clerk performs all secretarial duties required by the Office of the Municipal Court for the Village of Somers and the Town of Somers which was established November 1, 2016.


The Municipal Court Clerk performs duties in compliance with State of Wisconsin regulations as directed by the Village/Town Attorney and the Municipal Court Judge Robert Kupfer. 


  • Records and documents all steps in the judicial procedure.
  • Performs a variety of routine calculating, accounting, and typing duties to accomplish the processing of citations and Court cases for the Court.
  • Organize the Court calendar and issue notices to those ordered to appear.
  • File miscellaneous documents related to the Court's operations and enter on computer system.
  • Receive bail forfeitures and payments on fines; receipt and bank all money received by the Court. Enter data on computer.
  • Complete dispositions on citations.
  • Complete necessary forms, such as time payment forms or community service work forms.
  • Distribute dispositions and forms to appropriate agencies and maintain records according to procedure.
  • As directed, type court documents, such as jail commitment orders and warrants, for signature of the Municipal Court Judge.
  • Proofread own material to assure proper layout, arrangement, grammatical composition, spelling, and inclusion of all pertinent information.
  • As assigned, attend court sessions.
  • Greet and serve the public at the counter and on the telephone, responding to inquiries in a courteous manner and providing information within scope of knowledge and authority.
  • Send jury summons, enforce the responsibility to serve, maintain other communications, and do all necessary recordkeeping.
  • May, depending upon experience and skill, fill in for some of the duties of the Municipal Court Administrator in the absence of the Administrator.



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