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Annexation Information Meeting Draws Crowd at Village/Town Hall

A public Annexation Information Public Meeting was held at the Somers Village/Town Hall on September 9, 2015 starting at 4:00 PM.  The purpose of the meeting was to help residents who live in the remnant Town to understand the annexation process.


The event began with an introduction by Dave Geertsen, Village Trustee, and Chief Financial Officer for Kenosha County, who spoke on the incorporation process and how the new Village boundaries were established and approved by the Wisconsin Department of Administration.  He invited everyone attending to ask annexation questions about their specific situation.  Those present also had the opportunity to view several maps showing parcels and annexation boundaries.  Al Brokmeier, Village Trustee, and Director of the Division of Land Information for Kenosha County, met with residents to discuss the Post Incorporation Annexation Map and annexation activity near their parcels.


William Morris, Village/Town Administrator, answered questions relating to annexation and the impact of zoning, land use, tax rates, and services.  Morris reassured those attending that every resident in the Village and Town will receive, and continue to receive, the same high level of service. “If you call 911, we will respond. Period.  If you have a problem with sewer, water, or garbage pick-up, we will respond.  Whether you live in the Village or Town, the staff in the Village/Town Hall is here to serve all our residents,” said Morris.  Those residents who wish to annex to the Village will keep their existing zoning.  Additionally, annexation does not change the Smart Growth Neighborhood Plans.


Several questions were asked related to the proposed Highway S/142 and Bullamore Forks corner improvement.  Morris responded, “Highway S is scheduled for a four-lane improvement in the years 2018/2019.  The improvement is in the concept stage and a follow up public meeting is scheduled mid-January, 2016.  We believe the current eastbound lanes of Highway S will remain, new westbound lanes will be added on the north side of Highway S, and the bridge over the railroad tracks would be re-constructed.  The Bullamore Forks corner will also be re-constructed.  No further details are available.


After presentations were complete, Jeff Davison, Attorney for the Village/Town of Somers, was available to meet one-on-one with residents to answer questions about annexation or to help proceed with the paperwork necessary to begin the annexation process.


Residents who live in the remnant Town who were not able to attend this information meeting are encouraged to contact William Morris at 262-859-2822 or with questions.

 Annexation Information Meeting on September 9, 2015
Left to Right: Al Brokmeier, Village Trustee and Director of the Division of Land Information; Dave Geertsen, Village Trustee and Chief Financial Officer for Kenosha County; William Morris, Village/Town Administrator; and Jeff Davison, Attorney for the Village/Town of Somers
(Photo by Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson)


Annexation Information Meeting on September 9, 2015
William Morris speaking to the audience about Village/Town services, zoning, and other annexation issues
(Photo by Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson)



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