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Salt Contract Approved: Getting Ready for Winter in July!!

Somers Salt Barn located west of the Village/Town Hall
(Photo by: Jacqueline Klapproth Nelson)


Annually, the Wisconsin Department of Transportation, Bureau of Highway Maintenance, accepts contracts for road salt from local governments.  The Somers Town Board of Supervisors approved to contract for the purchase of 400 tons of road salt at a price of $63.80, or a total of $25,520.00 to be delivered November, 2015.  The 2015 price represents a 2% increase over the 2014 contract price of $62.49.  Additionally, the contract also provides for an option to buy an additional reserved quantity of 80 tons to be delivered in February, 2016, if needed.


Somers currently has an inventory of approximately 332 tons of salt in the salt barn.  The Public Works Department will have an overall inventory of 732 tons of road salt going into the 2015-1016 winter season.



Town of Somers Historical Annual Road Salt Usage
2008-2009 = 622 tons
2009-2010 = 624 tons
2010-2011 = 550 tons
2011-2012 = 371 tons
2012-2013 = 552 tons
2013-2014 = 894 tons
2014-2015 = 350 tons


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